Welcome to Betsy's Macarons!

Thanks for stopping by!  I made it my mission to get good at baking macarons.  After many months of practice and many willing taste testers and great reviews, I think I'm on to something.  People started inquiring about ordering and after my initial offering, there has been no looking back.  

I bake in small batches.  I will randomly bake a few different flavors and announce when they are available.  You can create a box out of the flavors available during that offering.  Check out the menu page for pricing and flavors currently available.  To get in on the next offering, follow me on Facebook or Instagram where I will announce my next sale.

About Us

This box features:
Blue - Fruity Pebble
White - Salted Caramel
Green - Pistachio

Small Batches

When a flavor idea hits me I need to try it out.  I'll keep making small batches until I feel it's perfected.  If all goes well, it will go into the regular rotation.  If you have flavor ideas, please share them!  The possibilities are endless!


About Me

I've always enjoyed cooking from the time I was a young teen until today.  I even went as far as attending culinary school to study classical French methods of professional cookery as well as baking and pastries.  I have made it my mission to perfect the oh so temperamental macaron.  If you bake macarons, you know that at any given day your recipe could fail.  So while mine may never be perfect, they will be tasty.  I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago with my family.


Flavor ideas

You just never know when a flavor idea will come to mind.  I had recently had a Turtle chocolate and thought wouldn't it be great in a macaron!  Here is a photo of the first time I made a chocolate turtle macaron.  It's still my favorite today.